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IBM WebSphere originally was only just an application server. Today it has grown to a complete platform on it's own and can if required consist out of multiple machines

Complex platform

A large number of elements is contributing to this complexity. For only one application one has to consider elements as: the network, the operating system, the http server, databases, the WebSphere administrative environment and the application it self. Furthermore a number of operational issues also have to be taken into account: security, fail-over mechanisms, workload balancing, monitoring performance tuning, debugging and updates. All this can be translated in to something like a simple infrastructure of one machine or in an complex multi-machine cluster infrastructure.

WebSphere additional components

The platform still grows in size. More and more complementary products are added to the platform. Products like WebSphere Edge Server and WebServices Gateway are making it more easy to design and implement a good infrastructure. All these products require organizations to increase their skills.

Products running on top of the WebSphere platform

Not only products are added as elements to the WebSphere platform. More and more products running as applications on top of the platform are becoming available. Examples of these are the WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Process Server.

SpringTeam people

Members from our team have to deal with all aspects: from initial idea up to and including running WebSphere applications in production. This also includes application development, designing high availability sites and training for example people from 'operations'.

Employees from SpringTeam have extensive experience using WebSphere. Some members of our team where for a long time hired by IBM as contractors. Their main tasks where to advice, help and support IBM customers. If you also like to use our services please feel free to contact us.